What to Expect

One hour of learning activities that target your child's specific academic growth points. Effective activities are selected that match their personal interests. Where possible, your child is given 'voice and choice' in their learning materials. This fosters enjoyment and motivates learning.

Modifications are made to the teaching methods, activities and learning environment to accommodate any learning conditions that you identify, such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia etc.

Close attention is paid to when your child has achieved a growth point and they are moved on to the next challenge.

Your child's learning is made visible to them, so that they see and understand how they're progressing. This builds learning confidence.

Parents are welcome to attend their child's session or to 'drop and go'.

Your child's progress is communicated to you at the end of each session in an email that explains:

Practice activities are explained to your child before they leave. All materials that they need are given for take-home.

Siblings typically book back-to-back sessions and can attend together for a consecutive two-hour time block, with or without parental attendence.

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